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The Sacroiliac Joint Injury Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team have experience in handling cases involving injury to the sacroiliac joint.  Recently, Douglas Schmidt won a jury trial against American Family Insurance which involved a sacroiliac joint injury to Schmidt’s client.

The sacral0iliac joint connects the pelvis bone to the sacrum at the very bottom of the human spine.

The healthy sacroiliac joint has the following characteristics: 1. It has only minimal motion; 2. It transmits all of the forces of the upper body to the lower body. 3 it acts as a major shock absorber; 4. It is very strong and reinforce forest was very strong ligaments.

Sacroiliac joint injury can be the source of very severe pain which is believed to be the result of abnormal motion of the sacroiliac joint, Either hypermobility opening Karen too much movement) or instability.

Over the course of years, injuries to the sacroiliac joint have been overlooked by many in the medical profession as they have focused more on discogenic pain caused by herniated enter vertebral disks, and degenerative disc disease. Injuries to the sacroiliac joint and pain resulting from those injuries has received more attention in recent years.