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TOP MINNEAPOLIS MEDICAL MALPRACTICE ATTORNEYS-Schmidt Salita rated Top Minneapolis Malpractice Lawyers


The Medical Malpractice Lawyers at the Schmidt Salita Law Team has just announced that the Schmidt Salita Team is ranked as one of the top Minneapolis Medical Malpractice law firms.  The Schmidt Salita malpractice lawyers only represent the victims of medical malpractice and NEVER the doctors or their insurance companies.

Douglas Schmidt, the senior trial lawyer at the Schmidt Law Firm, has 40 years of experience in bring justice to the victims of medical malpractice, with jury verdicts and settlements against Mayo Clinic, Abbott Northwestern Hospital, and individual doctors.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team has successful experience with pharmacy malpractice, nursing home malpractice, chiropractic malpractice, nursing malpractice and dental malpractice with numerous settlements and verdict in the million dollar range.

Various studies have confirmed that close to 200,000 patients die in hospitals annually due to medical mistakes.

The American Medical Association Journal cites medical negligence as thethird leading cause of death in the U.S.

In 2012 alone, over $3 billion was spent on medical malpractice payouts.

The US Department of Health and Human Services has concluded that only 14% of the cases of treatment errors and other medical mistakes are reported by hospitals.