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Minnesota Pharmacy Errors-1.3 Million Injured Annually by Prescription Mistakes

Pharmacy Negligence is a significant problem.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that 1.3 million US citizens are injured every year by prescription drug mistakes.  The host of pharmacy errors includes the following:

-filling wrong prescription;

-using the wrong dosage;

-providing medications that are contraindicated;

-filling multiple prescriptions that are not to be used together.

Pharmacy errors can cause serious problems, including brain damage, organ injury and even death.

Pharmacy negligence victims are entitled to compensation for their injuries or death.

Under Minnesota law, pharmacy negligence is a form of professional malpractice.  The same rules as with medical malpractice generally apply.  The victims of pharmacy error or pharmacy negligence are entitled to compensation the same as the victims of medical negligence.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team has experience with Pharmacy Malpractice.

Some of the pharmacy malpractice cases handled by the Schmidt Salita Law Team include the following examples:

-Hospital nurse failed to give patient her medications.  Patient suffers medication withdrawal shock, goes Code Blue and died.

-Patient given excessive dosage of heart medication times 10!!  Suffers serious side effects that puzzle the medical doctors who are unaware of the pharmacy error.

The Schmidt Salita Law Team has many years experience in medical malpractice cases, hospital malpractice, and pharmacy malpractice.  They are 5 star rated by their clients.