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Minneapolis Concussion Personal Injury Lawyer

Douglas Schmidt, Minneapolis Concussion Injury Lawyer, To Speak at Brain Injury Summit.

Minneapolis Concussion Injury Lawyer Douglas Schmidt is scheduled as a keynote speaker at the upcoming Brain Injury Summit.  Schmidt will be speaking on the subject of proving concussion injuries in legal cases.  He will address the issue of how to obtain justice for concussion injuries.  He will note that concussion injuries and mild traumatic brain injuries are often overlooked and not fully appreciated for the serious consequences that can result.

Concussion injuries are frequently overlooked by the medical community.  Schmidt’s law firm, the Minneapolis Concussion Injury Lawyers, has been a pioneer in the detection of the overlooked concussion injuries resulting from motor vehicle collision trauma and workplace trauma.

For nearly 20 years, Schmidt has fought for the recognition of concussion brain injuries in youth sports.

For over 40 years, Schmidt has championed the rights of people who have sustained a concussion injury or brain injury in a car accident or any other type of trauma.

Schmidt is recognized as one of the premier concussion and mTBI injury lawyers.  He has spoken extensively at seminars for chiropractors, medical doctors, and lawyers on subjects relating to Traumatic Brain Injuries and is the author of a publication entitled New Developments in Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (MBCE, 2016).

Minneapolis Concussion Injury Lawyer To Speak at Brain Injury Summit.

Schmidt will be featured as a keynote speaker at The Brain Health Online Summit, speaking about the issue of concussion injuries and brain injuries in car accidents and other types of traumatic events.

The Summit will be geared toward brain injury survivors, caregivers, healthcare professionals, practitioners, medical students, athletes, lawyers, and anyone else interested in brain health.

Schmidt’s presentation will focus on the knowledge and experience that he has acquired in handling 100’s of concussion injury and mild traumatic brain injury cases resulting from car accidents, workplace trauma, and other traumatic injuries.

His presentation will be focuses on the following topics:

  1. 60% of Concussions in Car Accidents Go Undetected/Undiagnosed.
  • Victims Cannot Self Diagnose or Give An Accurate History.
  • ER Physicians Cannot Reliably Diagnose Concussions. Most MDs Don’t Take a Proper History.
  • The Schmidt Salita Law Team Does Active Screening For Concussions and directs its clients to knowledgeable providers.

2. Post Traumatic Amnesia (PTA) Is a More Important Indicator of Brain Injury Than Loss of Consciousness (LOC).

  • Many concussions occur without loss of consciousness.
  • Medical literature has recognized that PTA is a more important indicator of the severity of a concussion injury than LOC.
  • PTA is a transient, intermittent symptom requiring special knowledge for proper history-taking.

3. Many Concussions Have a Delayed Development.

  • Delayed onset of symptoms is very common (Mauer, Morneau, Leidner)
  • Concussions and brain injuries are the result of a metabolic “cascade” that occurs over days and weeks.
  • Victims of concussions often experience much worse symptoms days after the traumatic event.

4. Vision Problems Are A Serious Consequence of mTBI.

  • Blurred and double vision.
  • Convergence Disorder (difficulty changing focus for near to far and far to near).
  • Slowed saccades/pursuit (difficulty changing focus from one item to another).
  • 4th Nerve Palsys (the eyes don’t track together).

5. Balance & Dizziness Deficits Are a Significant Consequence of mTBI/Concussions.

The Minneapolis Concussion Injury Lawyers Bring Valuable Experience and Knowledge to Each Concussion Injury and Brain Injury Case.

Schmidt and other Minneapolis Concussion Injury Lawyers on the Schmidt Salita Law Team bring the value of their knowledge and experience to each client’s case.   Many clients come to the Team with concussion injuries and traumatic brain injuries that have been totally overlooked by the health care community.  The Minneapolis Concussion Injury Lawyers work hard to fix that.

If you have been injured and are suffering from headaches, dizziness, and foggy thinking after an injury, you may be suffering from post concussion syndrome.  If you are experiencing irritability, fatigue, sensitivity to noise and light, it is even more likely that you are experiencing post concussion syndrome following a mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

Many concussion injuries are overlooked.  Some are overlooked because the victims fails to seek medical attention.  Many are overlooked because of physical injuries that overwhelm the process.  Many injury victims present with severe pain and shock symptoms that make it virtually impossible for any emergency doctor to do any concussion screening.

For a free post-concussion screening using the Rivermead Post Concussion Questionaire, contact the Schmidt Salita Law Team.

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