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Last year, 60 pedestrians died on Minnesota roads when hit by motor vehicles a 25 year record. The last time that many died was in 1991, when the number was 61.

The 2016 toll was 19 more than in 2015.

These statistics come from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety and were recently reported in the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper.

Donna Berger, director of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety issued the following statement: “It is distressing to see such an increase in traffic deaths. These are our neighbors, our coworkers, our family members and friends. It is especially upsetting because this does not have to happen. These tragedies are preventable, but it requires both motorists and pedestrians to do their part.”

The personal injury lawyers at the Schmidt Law Firm have many years of experience in representing the victims of car accident-pedestrian injuries. Stephanie Schommer is one of the personal injury lawyers at the Schmidt law firm, points out that Minnesota law requires all drivers to yield to all pedestrians attempting to properly cross the street in a crosswalk. All legal intersections are crosswalks, whether designated by painted lines or not.

An investigation of pedestrian injuries last year, conducted by the Star Tribune newspaper determined that nearly twice as many pedestrians died in car–pedestrian accidents in Twin Cities suburbs than in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The Star Tribune investigation also revealed that the majority of drivers who killed pedestrians during the years studied, namely 2010 to 2014, were not criminally charged. Further, those that were charged typically faced only minimal penalties.

The personal injury lawyers at the Schmidt Law Firm believe that it is important that the victims of a car – pedestrian injury have representation by lawyers who are experienced in handling such cases.