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The Schmidt law firm’s senior trial lawyer, Douglas E Schmidt, recently produced another successful jury verdict in a case against American Family insurance, Minnesota’s second leading car insurance company.

The case was tried to a jury in Hennepin County District Court. The rate jury returned a verdict on December 15, 2016, which awarded Schmidt client every single penny that Schmidt asked for in the closing arguments of the case-every single penny that the law would allow in such a case.

Schmidt’s client was injured in a motor vehicle collision which resulted in significant injury.  Supposedly because she had previous medical problems, including three prior lumbar surgeries, American Family denied both medical benefits and wage loss benefits under his policy of a No Fault Insurance to Schmidt’s client.  But, under Minnesota Law, there is no pre-existing condition defense.  No Fault Insurance Companies are required to “take the insured as they find them”.  That means that, even though the injuries relates to a pre-existing condition, the No Fault Insurance Company is required to pay for any additional medical expenses caused by the accident-even though they relate to a pre-existing condition.

The jury awarded every single penny that the coverage under the American Family Insurance policy provided. In addition, Schmidt believes that the court will impose significant sanctions (penalties) against American Family for its violation of the law.

The Minnesota No-Fault Insurance Law was passed by the Minnesota legislature in 1974, requiring every insurance company to include no-fault benefits as a part of the coverage under every motor vehicle insurance policy issued in the state of Minnesota.

The Minnesota No-Fault insurance law requires all automobile insurance policies to provide insurance coverage for medical benefits, wage loss, and replacement services. For more information regarding the Minnesota no-fault law go to:

Schmidt is respected as a leading Minnesota car accident lawyer.  He is 5 star rated, the highest rating possible as an accident and injury lawyer.  He is respected as perhaps the leading Minnesota lawyer in handling Minnesota No Fault cases.  He has represented injury and accident victims in No Fault arbitration hearings in over 1,000 cases.  He was appointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court to the Standing Committee that oversees the administration of Minnesota’s Mandatory No Fault Arbitration system.  He has been asked to lecture at seminars to lawyers and chiropractors on the subject of Minnesota No Fault claims.

P.S.  Since this original posting, the Judge has awarded substantial interests and court costs which bring the total award to nearly $32,000.00 more than if American Family had originally paid what it was required by law to pay.  Doug Schmidt has a track record of seeking justice for the victims of personal injury and wrongful death, fighting aggressively for their rights.  In this case, he battled the large insurance company, even though the amount that was at sake was not one of his larger cases.  It has been said that, “Schmidt fights as hard on the little cases as he does on the big case!”  The results in this case bear that statement out to be true.