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Schmidt law firm retains its five-star status as top Minnesota personal injury law firm.

Schmidt law firm has for many years achieved a five-star rating as one of the top Minnesota personal injury law firms. The five-star rating is based on the reviews of clients and other lawyers who have actual first-hand experience in working with the Schmidt law firm lawyers.

The Schmidt law firm has over 40 years of experience in over 10,000 successful cases of representing the victims of personal injury and wrongful death.  Some of the reviews include the following:

“I had an amazing experience with Schmidt Law Firm. Having worked with different attorneys prior to being referred to Schmidt Law, I found out very quickly my past experiences were mediocre at best. Doug and his team had me come to their office and meet face-to-face to discuss my case on numerous occasions. This made me feel I was valued as a client and I felt comfortable with my case. Also, I never questioned the status of my case because I was sent copies of any documents or letters that were being passed between Schmidt and other parties, I was emailed or called about important information and I was always given the opportunity to ask lots of questions. I’m not well versed in legal jargon or the legal process for that matter and having a team that was willing (happily) to answer my questions was huge. Because of their impeccable communication, friendly paralegals and determination to get me the justice I deserved, I highly recommend Schmidt Law Firm.” – Tina A

“I have worked with Schmidt Law Firm for the last two years regarding an auto accident injury. They educated me on their legal process and provided many resources for me to get the help I needed at the time. They have been very honest and responsive to any questions I’ve had. I would highly recommend them as a law firm that can help you get your life back on track.” – Deb C
“Schmidt Law Firm is highly regarded in its personal injury and litigation practice, with a long history of exceptional results for its clients. I am thankful to have Schmidt Law Firm available to my clients when there is a need for specialized representation with injury claims and related matters. Bryce Huemoeller, Attorney” – Attorney Bryce Huemoeller