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December 2016
SCHMIDT WINS ANOTHER BIG CASE AGAINST AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE-EVERY SINGLE PENNEY! The Schmidt law firm’s senior trial lawyer, Douglas E Schmidt, recently produced another successful jury verdict in a case against American Family insurance, Minnesota’s second leading car insurance company. The case was tried to a jury in Hennepin County District Court. The rate jury...
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The Schmidt Law Firm, in association with workers compensation attorney Dean Salita recently produced a successful settlement for an injured farm worker with immediate benefits totaling nearly $250,000. Additionally, the settlement will result in the Schmidt law firm client receiving lifetime medical benefits for treatment of his injuries. Attorney Dean Salita has many years of...
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Significant and long-term psychological problems are often seen after motor vehicle collisions, including quote driving anxiety.” And full-blown post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD. Driving phobia for fear of driving can be a significant problem in which the victims of personal injury experience difficulty, or total inability, in driving. People with a fear of driving may...
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DOUGLAS SCHMIDT-5 STAR RATED INJURY & ACCIDENT LAWYER-MINNEAPOLIS -5 Star Rated by Clients. Senior trial lawyer Schmidt law firm, Douglas E Schmidt, is a 5 star rated personal injury and accident lawyer-rated by his clients who have personal experience with his skills and compassion for his clients.  Schmidt considers the respect and appreciation of his...
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Schmidt law firm retains its five-star status as top Minnesota personal injury law firm. Schmidt law firm has for many years achieved a five-star rating as one of the top Minnesota personal injury law firms. The five-star rating is based on the reviews of clients and other lawyers who have actual first-hand experience in working...
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