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What type of benefits can I get from my No-Fault Insurance Claim?

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle collision, you are entitled, under Minnesota law, to receive the following benefits:

a.    Medical  Expenses.    These  benefits  may  include  the  expenses  of doctors, hospitals, chiropractors, special nurses, physical therapy and prescriptions.  It may also include: medical travel expenses prescribed by    a   doctor   or   chiropractor,   braces,   cervical   collars,   crutches, wheelchairs, and the cost of a health/exercise club.

b.    Replacement Services.  These benefits may include: as prescribed by a doctor, the costs of cleaning help, snow removal, and the costs of other hired services which would have been performed by you if you were not injured.

c.    Primary Homemaker Replacement Services (PHRS). If you were, or would normally be, the “primary homemaker” of your family unit,

you can collect the fair market value of the homemaker services that you would normally do, but cannot do because of your injuries. (A lawyer knowledgeable in handling Primary Homemaker Replacement Services claims can help you with making a PHRS claim.)

d.    Wage/Income Losses.  These benefits also may include lost wages.  If you are self-employed, you can collect the cost of replacement workers who are paid to fill in for you.  You are entitled to collect 85% of your

actual wage or salary up to a maximum of $250/week, or more if you have purchased extra coverage.

How I start a claim for No-Fault benefits?

First, you should contact your insurance company immediately after you’ve been injured in a car accident. You should call your agent and ask for claim forms.

Secondly, you should complete the form immediately and submit it to your No- Fault insurance company promptly. (The assistance of an attorney in doing this

can be very valuable to avoid any statements in your application that may later be used against you.)

Thirdly, you should provide your insurance company with the information and evidence necessary to prove your entitlement to No-Fault benefits. (Here, the assistance of an attorney would also be valuable.)