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Douglas Schmidt presents for the Minnesota Association of Justice

Douglas Schmidt, Senior Trial Lawyer at the Schmidt Law Firm, was the keynote speaker at a Continuing Legal Education seminar sponsored by the Minnesota Association of Justice. The seminar, entitled “Dirty Tricks of Defense Lawyers and Insurance Companies-And How to Effectively Counter Them”.

Schmidt offered suggestions to his fellow trial lawyers on the subject of how to deal with the defense lawyers and insurance companies “Dirty Tricks” in no fault and at fault cases. He reviewed the provisions of the Minnesota fair claims practices act that was enacted by the Minnesota Legislature in 1984 and offered suggestions as to how personal injury attorneys can effectively use the provisions of that legislation to prevent such abuse. He suggested that personal injury lawyers should I be filing complaints against insurance companies on a more frequent basis. He reviewed the success of himself and other lawyers in making such complaints and achieving corrective action ordered by the Minnesota state insurance Commissioner.

Schmidt also discussed “dirty tricks” by defense lawyers in personal injury litigation cases and offered suggestions as to how to effectively deal with those.

Schmidt and brings more than 40 years of experience in representing the victims of personal injury and wrongful death resulting from motor vehicle collisions, construction site accidents, defective products, and other types of injury claims.