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This is an arrangement between the Minneapolis accident lawyer and the client where the client doesn't have to pay any legal fees until you collect. It is frequently referred to as "No Fees Until You Collect!" This arrangement is much like that used by realtors, where the realtor only gets paid when the house is sold. What about expenses? The Schmidt Law firm will accept cases on a contingent fee basis, and also advance the expenses of the case until there is a settlement.


All experienced personal injury lawyers and insurance companies determine the value of any personal injury case on the basis of what juries have awarded in similar cases. Even though the primary goal is to reach a claim settlement without going to trial, the settlement value of any personal injury or wrongful death claim is determined by comparing the case to other similar cases in which juries have reached a decision in previous court cases.

The process is much like that of a real estate appraiser who will carefully assess the characteristics of a house and then compare it against other similar houses that have sold in the neighborhood recently. However, since personal injury cases differ greatly, and much more than houses differ, the process of evaluating a personal injury case is much more difficult.

The most important factor affecting the value of any personal injury case is the nature and extent of the permanent injury or permanent disability. Obviously, if an injured person makes a complete recovery with little or no permanent damage, the claim is worth far less than is the case where the injured person is left with considerable permanent injury or permanent disability. This is true whether the case is one of a car accident, trucking accident, motorcycle accident, defective product claim, dog bite injury, medical malpractice, or drunk driver injury claim.

In the typical case, the nature and extent of the permanent injury or disability cannot be accurately assessed until the healing period is over and the doctors are able to write a medical report stating the amount of permanent injury or disability. Accordingly, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to place a reliable value on a personal injury case until the healing period is over and the doctor has issued his or her final medical opinion. That process often takes more than one year.

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1. $54 Million for Minnesota Farmers.

2. $2.2 million for Trucking Collision Injury Case.

3. $1.4 million Jury Trial for Minnesota Farmer.

4. $2.4 million Jury Verdict in Medical Malpractice case.

5. $620,000 for Injury to Motorcycle Driver.

6. $450,000 for Injuries from Mack truck collision.

7. $900,000 Court Award in Farm Injury.

8. $300,000 for Man Injured in ATV accident.

9. $600,000 for Zamboni Lung Injuries.

10. $1 million Jury Award in Medical Malpractice Case.

11. $600,000 against Ford Motor

12. $600,000 in Medical Malpractice Case

13. $800,000 Judgment in Nursing Home Death case.

14. $743,000 jury verdict in car accident.

15. $445,000 in slip & fall case.

16. $1 million in sexual assault case.

17. $440,000 in sexual assault jury verdict.

18. $600,000 recovery for victims of lung injuries.

19. $3 million plus in No Fault recoveries.

20. $8 million in medical malpractice recoveries.

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