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1. Do I need a lawyer?

2. How much will it cost to hire a lawyer?

3. How long will it take?

4. Who pays my bills from a car accident?

5. What about injuries other than from automobile accidents?

6. What about injuries on the job?

7. How much is my case worth?


Minneapolis Accident Lawyer Firm

Attorney Representation in Minneapolis, MN for over 40 Years

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"Call us. I will take your call and give you personal attention. We offer home and hospital visits. The first visit is free. I will give you a free case evaluation. We charge no attorney fees until we get you a settlement.”

Doug Schmidt
Senior Trial Lawyer
Schmidt Law Firm

Minneapolis Personal Injury Firm

The Schmidt Law Firm has 40 Years experience in over 10,000 successful cases representing the victims of personal injury, disability, car accidents, and wrongful death claims.

Schmidt Law Firm lawyers represent only the victims of personal injury. They do not represent insurance companies.

The Schmidt Law Firm offers 40 Years of experience and over 10,000 successful cases involving primarily personal injury, disability and wrongful death cases.

The firm with its staff of Minneapolis accident lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants, seeks to offer personal attention to each and every case. Your case will not only be assigned to a lawyer but also to a legal assistant who will be available to answer your calls and provide you with up to date information regarding the progress of your case.

You don't have to go downtown for a great Minneapolis accident lawyer. The Schmidt Law Firm offers easy ground level access and parking just steps from the door.

Minneapolis Injury Attorney Verdicts and Settlements

We offer home and hospital visits to those that have been injured or for any other reason find it difficult to come to us for the first visit.

The Schmidt Law Firm Minneapolis accident attorneys have obtained many successful jury verdicts and settlements well in excess of a million dollars. We pride ourselves in working just as hard on the small cases.

Schmidt Minneapolis accident attorneys have successfully prosecuted claims against corporate giants such as General Motors, Ford, Dow Chemical, Mayo Clinic, John Deere, Grand Laboratories, Goodyear Tire & Rubber, State Farm Insurance, B.F. Goodrich, Allstate Insurance and others.


Douglas E. Schmidt
Personal Injury Attorney

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Minneapolis, MN 55305

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1. $54 Million for Minnesota Farmers.

2. $2.2 million for Trucking Collision Injury Case.

3. $1.4 million Jury Trial for Minnesota Farmer.

4. $2.4 million Jury Verdict in Medical Malpractice case.

5. $620,000 for Injury to Motorcycle Driver.

6. $450,000 for Injuries from Mack truck collision.

7. $900,000 Court Award in Farm Injury.

8. $300,000 for Man Injured in ATV accident.

9. $600,000 for Zamboni Lung Injuries.

10. $1 million Jury Award in Medical Malpractice Case.

11. $600,000 against Ford Motor

12. $600,000 in Medical Malpractice Case

13. $800,000 Judgment in Nursing Home Death case.

14. $743,000 jury verdict in car accident.

15. $445,000 in slip & fall case.

16. $1 million in sexual assault case.

17. $440,000 in sexual assault jury verdict.

18. $600,000 recovery for victims of lung injuries.

19. $3 million plus in No Fault recoveries.

20. $8 million in medical malpractice recoveries.

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