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1. Do I need a lawyer?

2. How much will it cost to hire a lawyer?

3. How long will it take?

4. Who pays my bills from a car accident?

5. What about injuries other than from automobile accidents?

6. What about injuries on the job?

7. How much is my case worth?


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Select a Schmidt Law Firm Injury Laywer?

If you’ve been injured, you deserve the very best. You deserve a lawyer firm that will stand up to the lawyers hired by the big insurance companies-and they hire the best!

You deserve a firm of lawyers that will bring the best possible outcome to your case-and understand the problems that you experience from your injuries.

Here are the reasons that you should hire the Schmidt Law Firm:

1. Client Recomendations:

The very best reason to hire any law firm is that of the recommendations of past clients. The Schmidt Law Firm is 5 STAR RATED law firm, having achieved that ranking by the vote of its happy and satisfied clients.

The clients of the Schmidt Law Firm have said this:

2. Success:

The Schmidt Law Firm has a winning track record of success in over 6,000 successful cases. That success includes cases in which the Schmidt Law Firm has prevailed against some of the largest corporations in the US, including:

3. Experience:

The Schmidt Law Firm has 40 year’s experience in over 6,000 successful cases. That experience includes the following fields of law:

4. Respect:

The Schmidt Law Firm has the respect of major legal institutions in the State of Minnesota including the following:

American Bar Association:

Douglas E. Schmidt, the Senior Trial Lawyer of the Schmidt Law Firm has been awarded the Award of Merit of the American Bar Association.

Minnesota Supreme Court:

The Minnesota Supreme Court appointed Schmidt to the Minnesota No Fault Steering Committee which has established and now supervises arbitrations of Minnesota No Fault Insurance Arbitrations. Schmidt served as the Editor of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Editions of the Minnesota Rules for No Fault Arbitrations.

University of Minnesota College of Law:

Schmidt has been invited by the University of Minnesota College of Law to serve as Visiting Lecturer.

William Mitchell Law School:

The William Mitchell Law School has invited Schmidt to author a law review article on the subject of Products Liability. The William Mitchell Law Review had this to say about Schmidt:

Douglas E Schmidt is an accomplished product liability litigator with 27 years experience in representing the victims of injury due to defective products. He has successfully tried cases against many major manufacturers, including cases involving medical appliances, drugs and vaccines, motor vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment, as well as, chemicals.”

Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association:

Schmidt is the two time recipient of the Distinguished Service Award of the MTLA. He has been featured as a Keynote speaker at nearly two dozen Continuing Legal Education seminars sponsored by the MTLA.

Minnesota Association of Justice:

Schmidt was recently recognized at a seminar of the MNAJ as the “most experienced, aggressive and successful No Fault lawyer in the State of Minnesota”.

Minnesota State Bar Association:

Schmidt has been recognized by the Minnesota Bar Association in many respects. He served as the President of the 5th Judicial Bar Association. He has been selected by the MSBA to conduct training sessions for lawyers seeking to become certified as Civil Trial Specialists.

National Board of Trial Advocacy:

Schmidt was one of the first lawyers in the State of Minnesota to achieve the rank of “Civil Trial Advocate” by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Remember this: The quality of your lawyer has a very direct and important effect on the quality of justice that you receive for your injury claim. The better your lawyer-the better the result. When you’ve been injured, you deserve the very best!

Douglas E. Schmidt
Personal Injury Attorney

13911 Ridgedale Drive,
Suite 110
Minneapolis, MN 55305

Phone (952) 473-4530
Toll Free 1-800-656-8450
Fax (952) 544-1308

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1. $54 Million for Minnesota Farmers.

2. $2.2 million for Trucking Collision Injury Case.

3. $1.4 million Jury Trial for Minnesota Farmer.

4. $2.4 million Jury Verdict in Medical Malpractice case.

5. $620,000 for Injury to Motorcycle Driver.

6. $450,000 for Injuries from Mack truck collision.

7. $900,000 Court Award in Farm Injury.

8. $300,000 for Man Injured in ATV accident.

9. $600,000 for Zamboni Lung Injuries.

10. $1 million Jury Award in Medical Malpractice Case.

11. $600,000 against Ford Motor

12. $600,000 in Medical Malpractice Case

13. $800,000 Judgment in Nursing Home Death case.

14. $743,000 jury verdict in car accident.

15. $445,000 in slip & fall case.

16. $1 million in sexual assault case.

17. $440,000 in sexual assault jury verdict.

18. $600,000 recovery for victims of lung injuries.

19. $3 million plus in No Fault recoveries.

20. $8 million in medical malpractice recoveries.

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