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Every bicyclist knows the story of someone that has been hit by a car, whether the person was ok or became one of the 500,000 bicyclists to check into the hospital every year. While there are some things that riders can do to protect themselves, including wearing a helmet, using bike lights, obeying traffic laws and always riding defensively, Minneapolis bike accident lawyer Doug Schmidt understands there is no way a cyclist can protect themselves 100%.

Common injuries that occur when bicycles collide with vehicles include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, nerve damage, head trauma, road rash, bone fractures, and even, death. In fact, around 700 cyclists per year die from crashes with cars. Whether you are the victim or a loved one of the victim, you should immediately contact a skilled Minneapolis car accident attorney after a car crash with a bicycle. The sooner you hire representation, the stronger your case will be when it goes to trial.

Our Injury Attorney Handles All Types of Cases in Minneapolis

As an experienced Minneapolis accident lawyer, Doug Schmidt knows there are many things that can cause a car to collide with a bicycle. Some of the more frequent reasons for crashes we have represented include:

If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a bike crash, contact The Schmidt Law Firm and speak with an expert Minneapolis bike accident attorney. We provide the utmost sympathy to your family while offering the aggressive case you deserve.

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1. $54 Million for Minnesota Farmers.

2. $2.2 million for Trucking Collision Injury Case.

3. $1.4 million Jury Trial for Minnesota Farmer.

4. $2.4 million Jury Verdict in Medical Malpractice case.

5. $620,000 for Injury to Motorcycle Driver.

6. $450,000 for Injuries from Mack truck collision.

7. $900,000 Court Award in Farm Injury.

8. $300,000 for Man Injured in ATV accident.

9. $600,000 for Zamboni Lung Injuries.

10. $1 million Jury Award in Medical Malpractice Case.

11. $600,000 against Ford Motor

12. $600,000 in Medical Malpractice Case

13. $800,000 Judgment in Nursing Home Death case.

14. $743,000 jury verdict in car accident.

15. $445,000 in slip & fall case.

16. $1 million in sexual assault case.

17. $440,000 in sexual assault jury verdict.

18. $600,000 recovery for victims of lung injuries.

19. $3 million plus in No Fault recoveries.

20. $8 million in medical malpractice recoveries.

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